Master Discussion Thread For BF3 Punkbuster Bans.


  • khm3
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    Check your accounts guys. Accounts which have been banned by Punkbuster can play on Punkbuster enabled  servers atm.
    It seems like it only doesn't work on PBBans enables servers. GGC & ACI seems to work fine. Let's hope it's an unban wave and not just a downtime.
    You are right, I was able to join PB enabled servers since last Thursday, but today I'm receiving again the message about global ban :/
    Seems like a temporary issue with PB database or sth which is sadly gone now (at least for me)...
  • Dargmuesli
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    Hey there, let me just quickly add that you guys really aren't alone. I just found this thread, though I was banned globally in late 2018 for no apparent reason after not having played BF3 for a few weeks/months. Given that it appears that noone believes us anyway, I won't spend time on giving more detailed explanations regarding my setup or anything. I would if someone need me to, though.
    I received exactly the same replies by "Alex J" as the ones that have been mentioned multiple times.
    I've been in contact with my country's data protection officer regarding my question whether account related data fall within GDPR's (DS-GVOs) reach, but that doesn't seem to be the case as Even Balance claims that they do not collect or store personal data, just data bound to an account.
    I find the idea that hackers might spoof other players GUIDs and get them banned very interesting. For my part, I just thought of a classic false positive. To a software engineer it's apparent that those happen and I find it surprising that there are people who defend themselves saying they wouldn't... until they happen and are admitted.

    Let me just add the obvious: denying sincere players access to the game as intended - including anti-cheat enabled servers - is just not acceptable. At least give proof of why someone's accused of cheating so they have the chance to appeal properly. If there isn't, Even Balance's point of a compromised GUID may even still be valid. As such there should be a possibility to move an account to a new GUID if no proof can be given. Even Balance must be glad that the rules they enforce are not the rules they operate under, as they behave destructively as well. Again, not because they ban GUIDs that "interfered with their system", but because they punish the real individuals behind those accounts, who did not interfere with the game in any bad way.

    In the end it's just PunkBuster that doesn't do its job properly. Even if this took my fun out of BF3 multiplayer - a game I paid for - it's just a company being unfair. Nothing exceptional nowadays, so keep your heads up and do your thing.

    Thanks to DICE for bringing me joy and fun for such a long time! You guys created one of my favorite games ever.
    Big disrespect to Even Balance for not handling their job responsibly.

    Keep up the community, I believe that most of you do the right thing. Have a good one!
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  • ApathyOverdose
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    @Dargmuesli Your post reminded me that I have been banned for 14 months at the moment. I miss the game, but I see no reason to buy it for the 4th time, because I will be instantly banned again. I would buy again and play again, but I won't be allowed by PunkBuster.
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