Master Discussion Thread For BF4 Punkbuster Bans.


  • Johnlol1
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    guys I wonder if we will get banned if playing the same account in two computers?
  • StarscreamUK
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    I have done, no ban.   But you cant play them at the same time if thats what you mean
  • USMCss07
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    USMCss07 wrote: »
    It would seem that this topic has been unpinned from the battlefield forums. What was the purpose or reasoning that lead to its removal? 

    I'm going to guess due to the reorganization of the forums. I don't know truthfully as I didn't do it.
    Perhaps you would consider re-pinning it or request that it be re-pinned as a sticky for posterity. I would argue that this topic is one of the most important topics ever put up for discussion on these forums. Theft is not okay.
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