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Hello Battlefield V players!

We're kicking off the first round of nominations for the DICE Friends emblem for Battlefield V.
  • What is a DICE Friend?
    • “A DICE Friend is a nominated Battlefield V player who has helped DICE and Battlefield V through things like community building, events, tournaments, bug tracking help, or other positive influences”. They can be community organizers, content creators, bug trackers, drive constructive feedback, and more.
  • How do I nominate?
  • Can I nominate more than one person?
    • Yes. Fill out the survey for each person you want to nominate.
  • Can I nominate myself?
    • You can, but the purpose of this is to look outward into the community and nominate folks that have made a difference. This also means that you shouldn't go begging people to nominate you via social media, etc.
  • What happens if the person I nominate doesn't get it?
    • Each nomination is weighed based on the nomination and their community activity. Nominations do not guarantee the person will receive the emblem.
  • I know lots of people nominated me. Why didn't I get it?
    • Definitely not the right attitude to have. Those who will receive the DICE Friends emblem aren't doing it for the nomination or for recognition. They're building the community because they love this franchise/game/community.
  • Do people who were DICE Friends in previous Battlefield games automatically get the emblem?
    • No, with every new Battlefield, someone needs to be nominated for their actions and activity in THAT Battlefield game.

A small DICE group/committee will consider nominations from the community and recommendations from the dev team and regional community managers.
Every person awarded a DICE Friend Emblem will be called out as to why they have been selected.

Please note: We have, unfortunately, had to remove the Dog Tag (previous Battlefield games) from recipients for their actions within the community - cheating, abuse, etc. This award isn't a Free Pass to act foolishly. Those that receive a code for the in-game emblem will have the code tied to their account, so no giving the code away. Every code is tracked.

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