Battlefield V - OIB Moment of the Week Winner - Feb 26th

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Greetings once again, Battlefield V Community!

We started this #OIB Moments weekly giveaway to highlight awesome content direct from the community . We've had some fun but I want to turn it up a notch. Therefore:
  • There will be two weekly winners.
  • We may start running themes on the clips. We'll let you know ahead of time.
  • Winners will receive THREE (3) #BestCommunityintheWorld Emblem codes (redeemable in Origin or on Origin.comfor all platforms attached to the account) to share with their community, followers, or friends.

Best Community in the World Emblem

First up is a frantic moment from Redditor u/slamsloose, aptly named "Stay Calm in the Face of Danger".

And I'm doing something a little different this week. In honor of the recent Grand Operation: Battle of Hannut, I wanted to share this awesome cinematic from u/pcghoul named "Battlefield V Night Clash - Battle of Hannut"

I'll be sending you your codes via Reddit PM.


Think you've got a winning clip? Send it along to me (via PM, post in this thread, or hit me up on Twitter) and we'll take a look. Good luck, and have fun on the Battlefield!


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