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Hello all and welcome to the next phase in Battlefield’s New approach to Live Service. As we talked about since we revealed BFV to the world, “launch was just the beginning”.

With BFV, we are taking a new approach to the series. We have removed premium and will bring all our players together on a journey as we explore new experiences, new content, new ways to play.

Now the launch of BFV did not go as smoothly as we had hoped, you were missing experiences you expected, some areas of the game were not what you anticipated from us, and our day to day transparency from Reveal to Today was inconsistent and could have been better.

We have been working hard over the last few months to fix the issues you are seeing and to add the experiences on offer. We want to move forward and kick off, towards an ever-changing live service.

The team here is very passionate about this game, and we all want to deliver beyond your expectations. So today we are going to talk a little bit about something we are calling Operation Sunrise.

As we move forward, we’ll be bringing you updates (through Community Broadcasts) on a regular cadence, covering a wide range of topics. We want to share with you what we have been working on, take you behind the curtain of the team. We also want to tackle the topics that are most important to you.

If you’d like us to talk about a specific topic, whether it’s related to content that’s on the horizon or perhaps you’ve got an interest into how we leverage heatmaps to improve the gameplay experience, then let us know. We very much want these Broadcasts to be owned by the community.
We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far with Battlefield V, but we want to keep pushing this game further and create something truly special.

The team have been discussing what is now being called Operation Sunrise, for a while. We are passionate about this game, we love our community, and we want to bring you on this epic ride. Out of this desire has grown Operation Sunrise, our ongoing commitment to your and Battlefield series as a whole.

Any successful relationship is built upon strong communication and we very much want this to be a two-way experience. This is vital to the ongoing health of our community and helps fuel the creative juices of our team.

When you hear the phrase “Live Service” people see evolving game experiences; new systems, new content, new ways to play. But to us, that is only one side. In order to grow in the right direction, we need active channels of communication with our players.
And this is the focus of Operation Sunrise.

We are going to bring back Dev Talks in a more refined platform. We are going to restart our Dev Twitter takeovers and we are also planning a series of Studio Live Streams to go in-depth on upcoming content and changes that we are making to the game.

When we have new content to talk about, we will talk about it AND show it.

If we’re planning to make tweaks, you’ll hear why.

When we make mistakes, or something goes wrong. We will talk about it.

Things are rarely perfect 100% of the time, but we will be here every step of the way, striving to build the best Battlefield we have ever made.

You have been asking for what is coming next, and although we can’t release it today, or are ready to showcase it today, we can commit that you will be seeing it March, before the launch of Firestorm.

Our goal for the Roadmap is simple, we want to showcase as much as we can commit to delivering to you at a high level of quality. If we are not sure we can give you the quality you expect, we won’t show it.

We see our Roadmaps as a platform to give you an insight into what’s in store for the future of Battlefield V, while other areas of Operation Sunrise, Dev Talks, Live Streams and Twitter Takeovers will be where we go in-depth.

A few weeks ago we released the very first Community Survey for Battlefield and moving forward you’ll be seeing more of these. We’re currently looking to roll them out on a monthly basis but will be adjusting the frequency should we feel the need.

These surveys are a great way for us to take a temperature check with our community. When someone asks me what the current state of the community is, I can quickly fire off several key issues and give them a rundown of things. However, these surveys help provide even more context, and as such become an incredibly powerful tool in our (and your) disposal.

Topics such as communication will be a recurring mainstay of the survey and we’ll also be adding in questions each month which focus on key topics from the game; relating to game modes, maps and other gameplay elements.

Updating games has been a part of gaming for many years and with Battlefield V we’re pushing ourselves even harder in order to improve and tweak your gameplay experience.

With the introduction of bi-weekly updates we’ve come a long way from the quarterly updates that were released for the likes of Battlefield 4. We’re also committed to making changes via our backend server tools. While not everything can be carried out via this method, more and more of our updates are being worked on behind the scenes.

These backend tweaks can range from ongoing server maintenance to adjusting the game itself. Just recently we made some tweaks which changed the requirements of assignments as well as stat tracking within Combined Arms.

Both of these changes came directly from community feedback and as the game continues to evolve, your feedback will be a significant driving force behind it. Please do keep it coming.

We’ll wrap up this Broadcast here but will return again shortly with another. As we move forward, we’ll be keeping you more updated and more informed than ever before.

We’ll see you on the Battlefield.

The Battlefield Team
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