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A LOT of problems would be resolved by different server settings

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Balancing gunplay and movement when consoles and PC are using the same code is impossible. The differences in control systems are too great.

Balancing for hardcore types, competitive types, lone wolves and casual players all together is impossible. The differences in these players/communities and what they want are too great.

Servers for console and PC are already completely separate. DICE need to balance and set them up differently.

RSP worked brilliantly in BF4 for different community rulesets. DICE need to reinstate this.

I've been pretty negative about BF5, but I think they may have tried to please everyone. I honestly think a LOT of the problems come down to attempting to shove every player's wants and needs into one game. The have made a hardcore-lite, competitive-wannabe, badly balanced game that is frustrating and disappointing to most players I know.

I hope they realise their mistake before it's too late.
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