DISCUSSION: BFV Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #4

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Hello Battlefield V Community!

Today we released the Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #4. This was a smaller update to address some key issues, such as the deploy screen flicker issue, tweak some shotguns, and other stability issues.

You can check the full Update Notes here.

This discussion thread is to get feedback on the changes, tweaks, and fixes for this particular update, and to gather information on any new issues that may have arisen.

Please keep it constructive and provide any relevant, detailed information you can, focusing on this update specifically.



  • Thebeau1771
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    edited March 2019
    See this upsets me, you’re our North American community Manager. & unless it’s something you want to hear we can’t post it on here. You want us to post it on relevant posts. Ok sure. But when I do that, on. Twitter, Reddit, here everywhere. no one reply’s , what am I suppose to do?

    I’m trying to keep it professional here :
    1 Hardcore mode. - so many people have been asking themselves the question : why am I not having fun anymore?? & in DICE’s response : add new game modes? Why not give us , exactly what we’re asking for?? Is it because you guys personally don’t like it ?? Do you have your own personal agendas?? I don’t get it?? What’s the point of asking the community what they want if you won’t give it to them??

    & 2 Platoon emblems & Platoons in general.

    If you fail to deliver these. You simultaneously ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ off :
    All team leaders & anyone who cares about their platoon.
    Most important of all:
    All the OG Battlefield Players I.e. your DIEHARD fans

    Literally, this will be : the only update I will care about
  • BlindChance
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    Add a quick play option for specific maps and game modes. Also if I search for conquest maps I don't want to join a conquest map which is part of great operations game mode...
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