What if a Firestorm mode had only 10 people w/ pre-equipped kits?

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Battle Royal modes are usually 64 to 100 players with big drop zones and scavenging for weapons. What if a Firestorm mode had only 10 to 20 players with a very small drop zone? Everyone had pre equipped weapon kits instead of scavenging. Tons of action with quick matches. When BR modes get down to the final few players, that is the most exciting part. So why not have the whole match that same exciting part. One of the downsides of BR modes is the lack of action at times. All that running and scavenging just to get shot at the end. What do you think?


  • GaunteroDimmS4
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    That wouldn't be a Battle Royale. That would be a simple Free For All match.
  • Titan_Awaken
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    Interesting concept.

    However, as a previous poster said, taking away the aspect of looting your own gear, replacing it with some predefined sets and then placing players in a 'very small map' wouldn't be Battle Royale anymore. It is more reminiscent of a free for all (Team) Death Match mode with no respawning.

    Take out the predefined sets, blow up the map size a bit and you'll have an interesting experimental 'BR' mode.
  • MidriffUrchin0
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    I don't think the lack of action BR is a downside, it's just the calm before the storm. BR build tension this way. Too much action and it might as well just be team death match
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