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I have a few suggestions I would like to put forward to the community and devs to see what people think. First, I think sidearm skins should be put in a customization tab for the sidearm they are for (similar to BF1's sidearm customization). Second, I think wood parts on guns like the Thompson should be separated in customization from the metal parts, as I want to be able to use Blued or Mint on the metal, but I hate the look of the wood with those options. Third, I think headgear should be separated into two parts: face and helmet (or other terms could be used, doesn't matter). I say this last one because I love the look of some helmets, but not the facemask (or vice versa). Anyway, those are my suggestions; please leave replies, as I would love to know if other people agree with me or if I'm all alone on this.
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