The stomps in this game are getting more ridiculous by the day



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    I am not very proficient in multi-quoting so I will address each point individually.
    1. Yes every kill or death counted/counts, and they are quite numerous however the amount is not as relevant as the difference between the two teams. Say the winning team has 200 tickets through kills and the losing 150, then the effect is actually almost negligible in a round that went 1000-850. The kills/deaths contributing to the bleed mostly shortens rounds, but have little effect on the actual outcome. Also it might swing both ways during the round or be pretty equal. Player density and playercount have a big influence here though.
    2. No I think sector control is not the quintessence of conquest, because it is undynamic and we have that in Frontlines, Breakthrough or GO. Conquest to me is closer to the actual semantic meaning of conquering a territory by creating a decisive victory through the use of defense, counterattacks, flanking and other tactical maneuvers. Conquest in BF4 is a vastly more tactical gamemode than conquest in BF1, which is much more straihtforward.
    3. I agree that the complexity of the ticket bleed system is a clear downside, since the actual outcome is open to interpretation and certainly not representative.I have no idea how to address this issue, so I just let go of the endscore and evaluate the game via personal fun factor. In BF1 the visual presentation was accurate, it showed how much control you had over the round in a quantity sense. Quitters were still a huge issue, because the possibility of a comeback was much lower.
    4. Here the intransparency of BF4 really helped. As long as it was not a spawntrap (and sometimes even then) the opportunity to turn the game was there, that is a ig psychological boost. A similar effect was seen when the catch-up mechanic was "bugged". Rarely anybody leaves a game where the ticket difference is held artificially below 50 or so. Also with many maps only having 3-5 flags turning the bleed was relatively easy.
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