Time for a new look at TTK?


  • TheUSSRBear
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    Honestly, I want the TTK to actually be faster in CQB, but CQB only. 
    I don't like how fast your damage falls off. 
    Past 10m (which in game feels more like 10 feet), every automatic weapon, that I can think of, drops to 5 shots.  That's a lot hits at a pretty close range.  
    SMGs drop to 6 shots at 30-40ish meters?  And more often than not, those SMGs fire at a lethargic 550ish RPM.  Yeah, that's a VERY slow TTK. 
    Personally, I wish we could have our 4 shot kill extended to 15m to 20m. 
    Not asking for COD damage model where almost everything kills in just 2 or 3 shots, just an extended 4 shot kill range.  
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