GD74 are recruiting

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We dont require awesome skill just communicative team players who can be creative and tactical.
Looking for
.medics who revive quick and regularly
.smart and skillful snipers who can cover us and help us capture/defend objectives
.A range of Assault and Support players from infantry masters to artillery experts and vehicle dons.

I like players who can look out for their teammates blindspots and who can play tactically. We dont care about kd as long as you can do a job. Thank you!


  • WitcherPierce
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    Hi guys! I would like to join you.
  • BigOli2001
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    Hey dude,
    I'm up for joining in, u guys play daily? Daytimes or evenings? I'm jumping across from xbox one so starting from scratch kit and levelwise. Give me an add: BigCheeseyUK or lemme know how I can jump in to a game with you guys
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