Damage models

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So basically, the game send/receives info, passively and based on deliberate input. So when you destroy an object, specific input is being relayed/received which prompts the 'appropriate' or intended environmental response.

My question is, are these just individual bugs or are they tied to something bigger like netcode and these are side effects to it? And how frequently are you experiencing them? I feel like a tactical potato.





Also it has been known the damage update rates in BF 5 were 50% worse than in BF 1 at launch. So even if it has been addressed then I don't know that means it's fixed. Other issues like blackscreen/load freeze even migrated over from the previous titles and makes replayability hard because i think its an issue that just cant be fixed. I try to enjoy the game but i don't know what BF 5 I'm going to get each time I log in.
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