The broken game balancer needs addressing once and for all

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Ok so we are 4 months into the game's release and I want to address the balancer again.
Its broken. I am not refering to balancing equal teams in terms of skill, I think that is a complex issue without guaranteed results, but when the round starts with 16 vs 32 players the first signs of something is wrong is present.
Then when after several minutes the balancer is not making any form of adjustments, all hope is lost. This is not always the case, very occasionally the balancer starts doing its job when a huge indifference is present after a couple of minutes, but more often than not it simply folds in.
I understand that Dice have a priority list for fixing things, but when something like this kills a server it ought to be high up on the things to fix list. When this occurs 3 -4 consecutive times, I conclude I am unable to play the game; my buddies and I will move on to play something else. To touch upon another missing function from the game, willing players are unable to switch teams to even things out.
Has anyone seen any response from Dice which acknowlegdes the fundamental problem, and have they given any explanation why it still isn't working properly in its most basic form at this current moment in time or when it will be fixed.


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    Thank You this is what ive been talking about for awhile now. People are quitting and its ruining games due to 30v6. The losing team usually has a bunch of quitters and no one to fill them back up
  • ThePro_PR
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    It’s really is mind boggling that they still haven’t fixed this issue. This should be an easy fix, but they are completely ignoring the issue.
  • hatekori
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    Balance might be a problem but there is so many bugs some bugs change the balance so bad that it effect game play
  • Pelliy
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    It seems like the critical stuff that needs response don't get it, but the stuff that doesn't, get addressed.

    One dice employee just spoke on the difficulty of implementing a proper balancer but it sounded more excuses why it can't be done. "It didn't sound like it was coming from the mindset that we can Steve towards a better balancer"

    They do these hodgepodge fixes imo like introducing artillery as somewhat of a balancing tool and something to stir up the gameplay but it really doesn't do anything to address it at hand.
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