Possible new 5 vs 5 mode

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While normally I don't like crossposting forums threads with reddit threads, this one is too good to pass up. Sounds like it might be exciting.


(the above reddit post is not mine)
Hi guys,
today I want to share with you some details about upcoming game modes in Battlefield V.

As always please be aware of the fact that this info was datamined by myself and therefore things can still change till release.

5v5 mode (unknown name, scheduled for Tides of War Chapter 4)

Before each match the squad leader has to nominate a "doctrine" for his squad. Doctrines are basically Special Forces from the WW2 era and determine what kind of commandos and bonuses will be available to your squad.

Doctrines I could gather:
SAS Raiders (Great Britain): "Who Dares Wins"
Army Rangers (USA): "Rangers Lead the Way"
Devil’s Brigade (USA / Canada): no details
Volksgrenadiers (Germany): "Tapfer und Treu"
MSK (Germany): no details (MSK seems to be the "Marinestoßtruppkompanie")
Decima Mas (Italy): "Memento Audere Semper"
The doctrine confirmation is done by the other squad members.

For more information, see the link


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    I'm shocked their adding more game modes. Also this 5vs5 will there be respawning or one life per round best of some many rounds kinda game like the old Socom Navy Seals games from old PS2 days? Them were awesome 8vs8 one life rounds. Now if Battlefield copied socom with one life rounds and bumped it to 8vs8 with some kinda objectives to pick from for a mode for it like escort or extract vip's or plant a bomb or demo or breach or something it be interesting. But as is now to many modes and segregating the tiny community the way it is.
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    Its not gonna go anywhere. They have tried for years and every time it has failed. I wish that they would understand that Battlefield is not going to be an e-sport game and to quit wasting resources on fruitless endeavors and focus on things most people want which at this point is just maps and meaningful content.
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