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I have both a question and a challenge to the EA/DICE team.

Firstly, let me start by commending you on developing an AMAZING map called "Halvøy", the overall look and feel is great and the size is breathtaking.

So my Question is: How is the EA/DICE team planning on maximizing this map so that it is available on other modes as well?

Before I state my challenge, I would like pose the following to you - This map is by all means and beyond reasonable doubt the best looking, most dynamic and diverse map in the game, but after playing about 15 mins on Firestorm it gets absolutely destroyed by the Ring of Fire, which honestly is quite sad... :'( . Most of this map remains unexplored and worst of all unappreciated because of the lack of time in the game to do so....

I had a picture in my mind before Firestorm was released of PVP / sqdVSsqd fights, aerial dog fights and artillery, Fights between squad choppers and Schwimmwagens. Players driving up to objectives with staff cars. This map is a really spoilt due to the lack of time to appreciate and really get into a good fight with other players...

So my challenge is this: Can EA/DICE or even the stake holders come up with a way of really allowing players to explore, enjoy, capture, defend and destroy on Halvøy?? which I will reiterate is an excellent creation Will the masses of players out there on the battlefield be able to get in a Prototype chopper on Halvøy and snipe another pilot out of the sky?

A large Conquest mode or even devastation would be excellent modes for this map!

Thanks for the excellent game loved by so many fans!


LockNLoad1724 checking out.


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