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Firestorm - A Player Review

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Let me first start off by saying, I'm not a huge fan of Battle Royale gamemodes; I find the lack of respawns and general trend for sheer luck having being a huge factor in gameplay rather irritating, especially after you've spent ~10 minutes gathering weapons and gear, only to get headshotted by someone who was lucky enough to find a sniper rifle with a scope and be out of the game (in solo mode ate least)

With that in mind, here's what I think

The Good
Despite my earlier reservations, Firestorm does actually have some good points to it:
  • For starters, the map is incredible! The varied terrain and landscape means there's plenty of opportunites to run around and find the place best suited for your gameplay style
  • The initial drop is also highly exhilirating, and the varied placement of the ring of fire around the map constantly changes the potential landing sites for every game
  • The tension; oh, the tension! Every game feels different from any other gamemode, simply down to the fact that you only get one life, and enemies can attack from anywhere (though this is also one of big problems which I'll discuss later). On the few occassions I've made it to the last stand (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc) the thrill of being of one of the ones to make that far is absolutely intoxicating; I don't even care if I lose, which is unusal for me
  • Squad play is also a big boon, considering most other BR games I know tend to force you to play solo; the extra help can be helpful in staying alive longer

The Bad
Aside from the variety of game breaking bugs which the last patch brought back or added (netcode and 1-frame deaths, reload cancelling, assignments trackers and ticket counters not displaying, etc) and adding in features that make no sense (diving now require crouch and jump to perform being the biggest offender) I was still up for giving Firestorm and chance. Even so, here are some of the things specific to the mode I don't like:
  • Executions. Wait, hear me out. Yes, being able to execute an enemy makes sense as it fully removes them from the match (Squad mode only). However, it is incredibly frustating, given that you still have a bleed out timer which only ever goes faster in main multiplayer if you're on fire. Will this new execution mechanic go in to main multiplayer? I seriously hope not! DICE/Criterion does point out that you can (in a similar manner to *spoiler alert* the end of the single player prologue) draw your pistol and/or knife and try and takedown that opponent who may only have a little health left over. What drives me mad is the fact that it's virtually useless (save for swinging your knife around) as one shot has such high recoil, and extremely shaky movement that you'd be more likely to hit the broadside of a battleship with throwing knife from across the entire Halvoy map! This should either be tweaked to either remove executions altogether, or to make the downed soldier weapons more like the prologue, where your gun is stable and capable of being fired normally (since pistols have relatively low damage, armoured or even high health enemies would still be in with a chance to finish you off)
  • Main Multiplayer stats are affected by Firestorm. Once again, hear me out. For most players (excepting professionals and esports players) stats mean nothing; they're just a way to show which guns you seem to be better with, but you should know that already. However, some players (like me) like to challenge ourselves in achieving the best accuracy, score, KPM, etc with specific weapons; meta-challenges if you will. While long term it doesn't really make a signifcant difference, short term in wrecks your stats for both weapons, wins/losses, K/D, etc, and it irritates me
  • Inventory Management. Finally, something I think most people will agree with me on. Inventory management is ridciulously complicated. Having never played the likes of PUBG or Fornite (Firestorm is the game/mode I intended to use to determine if I liked BR modes in practice rather than just theory) I can't possibly comment on how it stacks up, but having to constantly open a menu which stays open until you hit the close button can become a serious headache. Ammo storage is the one place that bugs me the most; gadgets and grenades are just fine. I would argue there's not point in allow players to pick up ammo willy nilly, since you may not even have or find a gun that can use that ammo; aside from depriving other players access to it (which may have some advantages) it just ends up taking up valuable inventory space, and when you finally do find a gun that you want to use, you can't just pick up ammo for it if your inventory is full without first emptying out the ammo for the weapon you don't have or use in a a ridculously complicated manner. And dropping guns that are fully loaded, instead of dropping it with that magazine in side, instead drops the gun and ammo separately, meaning if you make a mistake and drop the wrong gun you need to pick up the gun and the dropped ammo it was holding too! I'm getting a headach just writing this part
  • Dropped Enemy Loot. And in a similar vein to the above, enemy loot gets dropped in a smorgasboard weapons, ammo crates, gadgets, etc, all of which overlap and make it difficult to pick up individually. Moreover, in Squad mode it's much more frustrating since being downed but not fully killed drops your entire inventory immediately, meaning that if you get revived you need to pick it all up again, unless a particularly nefarious squadmate decides to loot it all first, reducing you to a moving body shield in latter parts of the match. And being revived also assumes your squadmates can sift through all the various items of dropped loot to find that one prompt that says "Revive"
  • The Slow Burn Gameplay. I've said it before, the tension that the slow burn brings is exhilarating, for the first 5 minutes or if you make it to the last 16 or so. Being given only one life is part and parcel of BR modes and I accept that, but moments of sheer panic interspersed with what feels like hours of tedium hunting for loot and gear is not for everyone, myself included (allow though this I can attriubte primarily to Solo mode, since having squadmates feels like it moves the game forward at a faster, more exciting pace)

The Verdict
As a change of pace from main multiplayer: it definitely fits that category
As a replacement for main multiplayer, or as a standalone game: not for me

Going forwards through the Tides Of War, it will be a gamemode that I will play just to complete the challanges for the Tides Of War; a similar situation for Battlefield V as a whole, rather than a game I'd play because I fully enjoy it

If some of the issues I listed above are resolved (with a particular focus first on the bugs from the last patch first) then I may end up changing my opinion. Until then, the Firestorm feels more like a candle in the wind than a full fledged brushfire
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