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[Feedback] Battlefield V and more specifically, Firestorm notes.

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Firestorm & game in general Review.
This is my personal opinion and my impressions over the last couple of days I've played the Firestorm gamemode. Some of these points might be rarely experienced, so comments may change my opinion.
I will also like to add that english is not my primary language, so I apologize in advanced for any typos or bad depictions!

First of all, I would like to mention that I have been a fan of Battlefield games since the early days. I began playing Battlefield 1942 at my friends house and later Battlefield 2. I am mainly a Infantry player and love competitive play (excited for the near future in battlefield!). I have a background in mainly counter-strike but are a huge fan of being able to heal-up aswell, so Battlefield has always had a special place in my heart and childhood. I even played a ton of Battlefield Heroes (rip) wich I really wish could make a comeback since I found it hilarious and quick fun. (Could've been fortnite, just thinking about it now, BR in Battlefield Heroes would be tons of fun! Battlefield Heroes is the only 3rd-person game I have ever enjoy and most likely ever will.) But enough about me, here you have some feedback about Battlefield 5 in general and some about the new gamemode Firestorm!

1. General Game Issues: Settings, after-death, custimization, demos/replays, waiting times, simplify menues.
Here are a few comments about some of the features I wish this game had, or I'd like to change.

1.1 - Settings: When I first installed the game and got to start it up, I always head into settings to see what I can play around with and to make it as similar I can to previous FPS games I've played to faster get a recognition to how I normally play shooter games. Making the game feel like previous games you have played is key to easily learn the game and get the notorious fps "flicks" in. Your mouse is an extended part of your hand and in FPS games that really shines.
When I first went into the settings for controls (more>options>controls, options under more? *scratches head*) I got too many silly controls listed. And that there aint a "general sensitivity" setting is really disappointing. The default sens settings should always be the same setting all-across the board. That my settings varies from spawning (soldier) to entering a vehicle (any vehicle), and different when you scope in and when the scope animation is done (finish scoped-in) feels really bad from the get-go. It's not as bad as console-to-pc modded games like cod for example. The settings in cod is really REALLY bad. At least battlefield has a % indicator, but what does that help when I dont know what its % of?

The Toggle/Hold is a neat feature and the possibility to adjust all the different types of scopes etc in Advanced is also a great feature for those interested. (not me personally, but many adjustable settings is better than too few)

I would like to see the options menus cleaned up and simplified. Keyboard/Keybinds | Mouse | Joystick | Gamepad... etc.

1.2 - Death-cam:
When I die I would like to see the death-cam of the enemy killing me. At least the option to.

And for when I am dead and squadmates are alive, I dont want to see a 3rd-person view. It's an advantage if you're good at communication with your squad. I can spectate my teammates and see outside the walls he's hiding behind, feeding him valuable information what the enemy he's fighting is doing. This is the sole reason I despise 3rd-person. It only enables unfair advantages. (Always played FPS games. "First Person Shooters". So I have avoided both PUBG 3rd-person and Fortnite) For vehicles I accept it, but personally not a fan of vehicles at all.

1.3 - Customization:
Battlefield has, but lacks customization.
I want there to be more available customization options. But not silly stuff like PUBG and Fortnite etc has. But war-type customization, dont restrict it. Halvøy is a great example of this. It has water/shore parts, mountain/forest and snowy parts. I would love to have all those options to customize my character from. Forest camo, snow camo, mountain camo, navy camo, just a normal person type of clothes. (normal looking farmers from the games timeline, mechanics, etc, maybe mafia/gang related aswell just for the hell of it) It could alter how I plan to play the map. Personally I am a huge fan of playing in the snowy areas. So I use gray camo atm. If I used a snowy-customization and I cant play on a snowy part of the map anymore, then I have a disadvantage, but if I can I do have a great advantage if I play my cards right.

1.4 - Replays and Spectate:
To be able to download replays of matches and have some good settings and to play around with would enable people to create some great community-created content. I remember both me and my friends and most of those that played back in the BF2 days made tons of videos. And looking at CSGO these days, they have a huge content-creator base. I think enabling the users to create good content is great for the game itself and game-created content is great. (Youtube>Twitch imo)
Camera movements, speed adjustments (slow motion etc), player select, x-ray/"wallhack vision" etc.

That the spectate feature is good is also key to making tournaments and tourny-streams interesting (great example: csgo. It's both fun to play, spectate and has a huge content-creation fanbase)

1.5 - Waiting Times:
The silly waiting times might be necessary, but if possible, put them into the background? The waiting time I have encountered the most and I am mainly talking about here is from I die to when I can play again. I have to wait to spectate someone alive to quit. I then have to wait and see the points etc count to then quit/play again. Counting points etc could be skipped or done server-side?

1.6 - Simplify menues:
Being new to battlefield and with each new battlefield game it comes something new. I find this extremely frustrating. I click play, then all these gamemodes that I have no idea what means pops up (not similar at all to previous FPS games).
I press play, have to pick what I want to play (Multiplayer | Firestorm | War Stories | Combined Arms | Practice Range. Fine) Then I choose "Multiplayer" and all these gamemodes that I have NO similarity with pops up. "Conquest | Grand Operations | Team Deathmatch | Breakthrough | Frontlines | Domination". I have to click into each game mode to see what they are. And they dont even show an example of any kind. They have a short text-description of what they are. When I look at the list of game modes, ~60% of the screen is 3/7 options that says "Trending", I mean comon. And if you know what to play, you have to click into an extra menu to hit play. The game-layout in BF5 is horrible. I get that it is supposed to be "minimalistic and modern" but it tries too hard to do that and it ruins the menu. I see other games does this aswell, and personally I hate it. Previous battlefield games had even more chaos when you had to find server lists from a website etc.. At least now you have the server list in-game again. But why is a server-list option being hidden compared to bf2 for instance? CSGO also did this. Its tragic. For Firestorm its fine that you just hit play.

2. General Firestorm issues: Loot system, Circle being too intense, Loot items (gadgets etc), Parachute, Drag-to-drop/swap, Vaults+Map
Here are a few comments about some of the features I wish this gamemode had, or I'd like to change.

First off, I would like to mention it once again that I dont like that Battlefield has to put it own names of game modes. Just call it battle royale. Say I want to tell my friends "Hey, come try BF5's Battle Royale with me!", if I want to tell them that + explain what they really are doing it becomes a hassle and personally just make the devs seem super tryhard. Dont act like you revolutionize something. Everyone creates Battle Royales these days, but most games has their own spin on it, and we get that. Most players that enjoy BR games has tried most of the BR games (at least the mainstream ones)

2.1 - Loot system:
Personally, I am a fan of how PUBG did the looting. But I would like to add that early-game in PUBG it is buggy AF. Through the game aswell, the delay on looting in PUBG is critical.
I think this would work better for BF5 since the looting system seems to be really responsive thus far!
But a menu to see what's on the ground or at a corpse, or in a crate etc is much more efficient and better-looking than an explosion of loot on the ground.
I would also like to add that the option to drag an item to replace the slots or drop it on the floor is much more efficient and satisfying than click>move mouse>click.

2.2 - Firecircle:
The firestorm/circle has a great effect (breaking houses, burning hay piles etc) but actually playing around the circle and outside the circle is close to impossible because of the intense effect it has even with the burning players effect. I have never been fan of how Battlefield handles "unavailable zones". You should be able to dip out of the zone for a little while. It makes for great flank-plays. This counts for normal battlefield game modes aswell. That you get a countdown to punishment is fine, and that you cant come back from being downed/killed outside the zone is fine. But the whole black&white effect on top of that ruins it.

2.3 - Items:
Not a huge fan of weapon-rarity in Firestorm. Green<Blue<Red rarity based on what attachments you have etc without the possibility to upgrade an item? You should be able to also find loot/attachments to upgrade items aswell I think.
For both experienced FPS-players and new players could use small tooltips on items. For example: that the flare gun spots enemies in the area around the flare for a short while etc?
I would like to mention that I feel like I always land at a spot that has useable loot, wich is great! Nothing is worse than playing a PUBG match where you only find vectors/shotguns or no attachments. But adding more loot boxes around the map and not only at specific areas like houses, special places like middle of the frozen lakes etc.
Being new to the game, a tool tip for the items you pick up would also be nice (hip fire accuracy, accuracy, fire rate, damage to body, damage to head, armor penetration etc..)

Also, a max amount of bag space is fine. But limit the amount of 1 type seems silly. That you restrict me from being able to stack up on rockets is disappointing. Also, same goes for armor plates. max 3x? Cmon now...

2.4 - Parachute:
First off, I would like to say that the Parachute/Drop part of Firestorm is the best feeling and seamless movement of any BR game thus far! Great job!
Personally I would like for the parachute to not auto-deploy. Both me and all of my friends I've played with agrees with me on that. Makes the beginning of the match more exciting and hilarious (if you manage to fail the landing). The beginning of a BR round is always exciting, you have the loot rush to quickly grab anything you can kill with to defend yourself.

2.5 - Multi-tasks:
I was really disappointed when I realized that I cant open safes/vaults etc + look at the map or inventory. I stay stationary, I would like to be able to fix my binds/inventory or look at the map and plan with my teammates.

Once again I mention that this is my personal opinion and any of my points that I mention is up for debate! I might add more parts to this if I encounter anything else while I play or by comments in the thread.
Hope this is recieved as feedback and taken into account!

- Vinni
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