ok, where are the instructions?

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you can read half of one hint before you enter. then when your in you have no idea what the stupid inventory is all about. found a some guns and ammo, then found a LMG, and it wouldn't let me pick up its ammo? there's no way to drop ammo, i stood in some barn upstairs pressing all my keys, no way i could drop any of my ammo? then some random hacker came in aiming at me as me came through the door and shot me? i was in there ages and was totaly silent. i have got to the last 3 but having a poor gun lost me my battle. game should be, all have same guns, no medic help and no armour. just 64 players and their skill, NOT luck


  • legitVINNI
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    Seems like a "gitgud" issue tbh. Decent+ players check everywhere and everything. Everyone is looking for loot and other players, so within buildings are hotspots for checking out everything.

    But you can drop ammo the same way as you drop items. You right click on the item/ammo, then adjust the bar then right click again.
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