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Solo Mode: You can die and still win!

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edited March 31
Check the video below: game came down to 2 players. I knifed the other player in the firestorm. I died from being burned right after. It gave the win to the guy whom I killed.

Also: Does it always not show the position of the final ring? I didn't see it on this, had to guess where it was going to end up.


  • Queen_mums_hip
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    Haha that was ul. It was actually really close who got the kill 1st even tho you knifed him.

    The final ring bug is weird. I have seen it several times now that the final ring isn't shown
  • EvilUndeathz
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    I had the opposite happen, got killed just before the other player died to the fire, it said i came second but gave me the victory screen, was weird. And that isn't a bug in the final circle, like all other royale games ive played the circle shrinks to a certain size, showing where the circle will go, but the final reduction where it reduces to no safe area is just the centre of that final safe circle.
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