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Firestorm Easter Eggs and Mysteries list

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I thought it'd be interesting to try and compile all the Easter eggs that have been found in Firestorm - perhaps if enough people have found different ones, we might be able to piece together some of the background of Halvøy and Firestorm as a whole.
1. To start: SULIS (or SOLIS possibly - I'll call it SULIS through the post for consistency bc I can't remember which it is). If you've played even just one round of Firestorm, chances are you've noticed the SULIS logo dotted around - it's on the wooden strongboxes, the armour plates, even I believe on the premium Firestorm Ranger torso. What SULIS is exactly, no-one seems to know as of yet, but my guess is that it's an acronym for some sort of secret organisation that is based in Halvøy. It's probably fair to assume that they've got something to do with the fire storm, and the vehicle lock ups - perhaps even the little military outposts dotted around the map. I think it may be a sort of overarching Easter egg, similar to the Phantom program from BF4.
2. The generators around the map. These definitely have some link to SULIS - given that they've got the logo printed on them - but again, their purpose is unclear. It's worth noting that although they appear in clusters in built up areas, there are also some strange spots where there appears to be a generator out in the middle of nowhere with a ring of scorched earth around it. Did these generators somehow create the ring of fire? Who knows.
3. The objective balloons. These ballons could be just objective markers, but I want to say there might be something more - again, related to SULIS. However, they could just be the same sort of ballons that were raised during the Blitz of London to deter or disable bombers - I'm not sure.
4. Honestly, there's some more elements of the map that I could question and potentially link to SULIS, but without knowing more about what that is and what it stands for, I can't say anything for certain. For example, the secure vehicle breakouts - why are there heavily fortified bunkers set into the ground? Also, the POI named Pluto (Dig Site A). Is that just a quarry, or is there something else going on? I suspect more will become clear later down the line.

That's all I can think of in terms of the main Easter eggs, but as well as that style Firestorm is certainly full of other smaller, unrelated Easter eggs. For example, yesterday in the small group of houses a little north of the Minerva Docks, I noticed a small wooden door built into the concrete porch of one of the houses. On further inspection, I noticed there was a little stuffed bear inside - just a fun little thing to find, and there are actually I believe similar teddy bears on other maps, like a Twisted Steel at the top of the bridge.

Feel free to add any Easter eggs you've found while playing Firestorm, whether it's related to SULIS or just fun little map elements like the bear.


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    I don't know if anyone saw this but I'm still interested in what stuff people have found, so I'll just put it back on the front page.
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    In the room that opened up in the waiting lobby you can climb up to the catwalks above by jumping on the machine then jumping on the pipes it will lift you up to the ledge . I'm not sure if the doors the catwalks lead to are important for the Easter egg they don't open up or react when shot by at gun. Also the gadgets on the 2 doors are same as gadgets on all the military vehicles .at the horse shoe there's certain lights that are different from the rest and flicker could be code?
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    Checkout the BFEE discord
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    " . . That room is utterly fascinating and quite honestly , to tell you the truth , it's a little bit of a shock to see that symbol again after all these years .
    SULIS you see ; at least the part of it that we knew and worked on ; was quietly dismantled in nineteen . . . .
    hold on , the phones ringing . . .
    . . . .
    . . .
    . .
    uhh nevermind . ."
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    Playing around on my own I've been able to destroy the Sulis machine closest to the new room entrance. It burns for about 10 seconds, but I haven't seen anything result from it.

    -Pretty sure the red hangar lights need to be active, not sure if the order matters. The Sulis machine wouldn't break if the hangar lights were off.
    -I destroyed the three machines on the raised platform with the Boys AT rifle, not sure if this matters.
    -Hit the Sulis machine with ~10 shots, alternating between the box and engine, with the Boys AT rifle. 

    Hoping someone can use this. I usually end up playing by myself, so I can't really divvy up tasks. I've replicated it twice.
  • tempo_rarity
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    ". . . yeah sorry about that , the call was from a telephone pollster - those tend to take a while , as did this one . . . now , where were we ?
    Ahh yes , SULIS , or rather , S.U.L.I.S. 
    First , know this  : S.U.L.I.S.(SULIS) was not an 'us' or 'them' but a 'we' .
    SULIS eventually formed after WWI out of a great many secretive meetings of a who's-who of international Generals , strategists etc. who had all noticed the prominence in great numbers of  far too many sky-related 'mysterious event'-type reports from WWI .   
    The Society for the Understanding of Life in Interstellar Space was born soon afterwards .

    'Now hold on' , I know you're thinking  - 'World War Two AND little green men?' 
    . . .you're thinking 'but that thing in New Mexico , the famous 'Roswell' incident , that didn't occur until 1947 (or so YOU say you know) so , how?
    Well yes but you see . . . the first 'Roswell'-type incident was actually a much earlier event , near Cape Girardeau Missouri , happening way back in 1941 . . .

    Very few know of that momentous event , because of us .
    Because of us , even less knew about the 'Zedlitz' incident in Germany , near Gera , also in '41 but one week later .
    They might now , but back then NO ONE knew about Kirov , Takayama or Chorley either , or that ALL of these occurred within a one month span of each other that summer .
    What can I say - we were good at keeping secret things secret . . .

    Want to hear twisted irony? Despite all the vast knowledge and science we gathered and were given , we NEVER determined why they chose rural , pastoral settings for these appearances . . . 
     . . . hehe listen to me , an old man babbling . . . I would like some tea - I shall boil the kettle . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    So , you've asked about the generators hmm?
    Certainly , some of them were indeed used quite simply to power things up ; back in the early days at least ;  lights , communications , heating etc .
    It was later on ; when a discovery at the (mumbles incoherently) occurred ; that these generators took on their much more unique functionalities and uses . . .
    . . . I will say this about them : Even though it's been years and years , it is still extremely unwise to loiter for too long within those 'burnt' circles you've mentioned finding .
    It does not surprise me at all that nothing grows within them even to this day , nor that they are still on fire . . . 
    . . . Ahh , the water is ready . . ."  
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    If you recall the sulks boxes that create the fire rings around them. Then what if there was one massive machine similar to that causing the impeding firestorm. Or, perhaps many of these machines were placed around the island or on ships. I believe that the bomb hinges found on the map are either extras or discarded machines that were forgotten or not needed for the experiment the 64 players endured

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    Sorry for my bad spelling
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    I also like Temp_rarity's fan fic!! Truly a master piece.
  • LoliDominator
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    - Anyone figure anything about the 62 cans scatter about the hanger? (Probably 64 to correspond with player count) no one has fpund the last two
    - small fun easter egg, there is a clock and bannana hidden in the pile of boxs when you destroy them with the Boys AT rifle (some reason after the last months patch the boxs seem to br not destructable)
    - A few updates ago one of the switches on the wall caught fire, its located on the left side of the plane facing the hanger doors, close to the back of the hanger

    Quick question? Whats up with the dome? Apparently it was fortold in the scribles in the dark room; just look on left side wall facing the door. Its next to the scribles saying "Some say the earth will end in ice, some say FIRE"

  • tempo_rarity
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    The Old Man claims to having been there during the height of SULIS , but as you can see he's still being quite secretive and self-censoring , despite this openness .
    I'm a little dubious about him because of this , as I feel it calls into question his motives for coming forward as he has . . .
    . . . 
    The Burnt Scientist that I recently sent to Halvoy for other investigative purposes has actually found some evidence supporting the Old Man's claims though , since he has also discovered some other indications that perhaps SULIS and the (XXredactedXX) of U.F.O.'s wasn't the only uses of these generators .
    He suggests that the current Firestorm consuming the region is really a-fears-come-true remnant of a much-later experiment-gone-awry ;  pretty compelling stuff .
    He says that what 'They' know nowadays pales in comparison to what 'They' knew way back then , way back when 'They Played With Fire'. . . and lost .
    He says there's 'proof' of this 'fear' as it made a reappearance when 'They' later wondered whether they were about to set all of Earth's atmosphere alight by igniting this brand new invention of theirs that they called a Hydrogen Bomb .
    He thinks that a only another somewhere-in-History , previously-instilled great-magnitude fear-made-real could've generated this later , seemingly silly atmospheric-ignition fear . . . . .  
    There's also a undercover police officer roaming Halvoy too ;  on some sort of secret mission , that fellow .
    He corroborates some of what the other two are saying , but his take on SULIS is seriously super-controversial .
    He thinks the entirety of the whole region and its population was later meant to function as one big '(XXredactedXX)'!
    Crazy as THAT sounds , he might be the most 'right' of the three . . .
    . . .
    Still though . . . If SULIS did 'evolve' (as it appears to have done) , then all three of them seem to have some degree of accuracy to their claims . . . .  
  • tempo_rarity
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    Apparently , the Old Man has recently received some not-so-nice news about his imminent age-related departure from this realm .
    He has since 'confessed more fully' to us , if you like , about what he and his compatriots did during the early years of SULIS .
    With his permission I've recorded this very-illuminating conversation that he held with me and (XxredactedxX).
    It is heavily excerpted however , due to the over-abundance of variously-themed reflective musings he often interspersed the conversation with .

    (on the Generators) 

    ". .some of them failed to function at all and would themselves suddenly catch fire , others would merely ignite low-height , low-heat and yet inextinguishable circular fires around them , which was when we realized a number of things that were hampering us - power availability and containment issues foremost - which began our series of 'improvising' efforts . . which , in hindsight . ."

    (here he meandered , delving long into the "blind charge of science")
    ". .anyway , a new test site was selected on a small southern island - Site 9 - which we thought settled the containment concern , and so we turned to the power issue , deciding very unwisely as it turned out to use several ships with multiple generators onboard , cabling this extra power to a huge 'main' generator placed on the island . ."
    (on the results)

    ". .what we did was we boiled the sea around the island , which was itself incinerated , and we lost all the ships save one , which nearly made it back to shore I might add . ."

    ". .my team and I were at first arrested for possibly revealing our secret little peninsula to the Allies , but soon we were pampered and given every comfort available . ."

    (and then this final excerpt which segues wildly with my Scientists recently-arrived new report)

    ". .we went underground when it was determined in the aftermath of Site 9 that 'Nichdurchlassigkeit' was invalid . . . . we went for 'bigger'. ."
  • Kongo030
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    Looks like tempo_rarity is making good use of his time spent in the hangar waiting for the next round to start.
  • tempo_rarity
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    Interesting side notes in the Scientists (mostly-technical) latest report : 
    * A very late floral bloom in a forest that is nearing winter suggests that some sort of warming is occurring instead .
    The rather low growth height of the vast bloom indicates that it is perhaps benefiting more from a warmer ground than from warmer air .

    * Several streams and brooks in the winter-locked mountains are freely running when in fact they should be frozen .
    This also indicates that there may be some form of unseen geothermal activity below Halvoy .

    * The Dome structure with its very large water reservoir somewhat resembles an "upside-down cooling tower" .
    It is his suggestion that it is quite possibly meant to "cool the Earth beneath it" .

    * Every single railway entry into any underground portion of Halvoy has been expertly collapsed or sealed .
    There are no naturally subterranean features available to be examined - even the bunkers are concrete-lined .
    . . .
    With a newly-expanded mandate , our intrepid Scientist is currently petitioning the local government for access to . .  The Underground .
    . . stay tuned . .
  • tempo_rarity
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    Our undercover 'man in the field' also reported finding an interesting map . 

    He says :
    "My translations may be off slightly so I have put into brackets the portions where I may have erred :  
    In the top right of the map it says : 
    ' Warning to all and field personnel operating in this region .  The central government (has to) report on irregular activities and areas of interest .  Any abnormal activity must be reported to your manager with a description of what you have seen .  (Field) or perceived failure to do so will result in irreversible arrest and (guarding) , and may cause penalties , including (termination) .'
    Top left of map : 
    ' This map is for general reference only .  Highly classified areas and focal points have been edited or removed .  Under no circumstances can this information be (dropped on competitors). ' 
    At the bottom right of the map however : 
    There are two small unmarked dots and a circle located there , which may be the partially-edited-away island location of this 'Site 9' your witness speaks of .. ."

    He also says : 
    "This map perhaps includes a warning to our Scientist friend then , in regards to his desires of accessing the undersides of Halvoy : 
    As I translated , it seemed like the message also hinted at and may actually include a warning about 'a virus' , or something like that .
    Again , my translating skills are bad , but , there might be another reason why they've sealed up every subterranean access route underground ..." 

    . . .

    A curiosity factor in the (XxredactedxX) aspect of Halvoy still being investigated by this agent has also been noted by him : 
    He seems to think that the assignments remote location that he's in may actually share a geographic 'ley line' with Giza , Egypt .
  • tempo_rarity
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    Who IS this mysterious 'Lady In The Lake'?
    An image of her appears in the water in the 'red cabin landscape scene' before Firestorm starts .
    She is center screen and just below the four-part messages .

    (calls out slyly) "Minerva!"
    (no response)
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