They should make a Firestorm map

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that is an amalgamation of set pieces from previous Battlefield games, retextured suit the WW2 settings.
Imagine Noshahr canals, Dalian Plant and Gulf of Oman along the coast. Urban area of Karkand with Metro underneath, both leading into Amiens, off into the countryside of Caspian border, St Quentin's scar and Bocage. A desert area combining El Alamein, Gazala and Sinai Desert with Operation FIrestorm in the middle.
That would be neat.


  • Dr_X2345
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    Wasn't there a Jackfrags video a while back (possibly before the announcement of Firestorm, I don't know) where he talked about a very similar concept?
    I think it could be interesting, but as Firestorm has tried to keep some modicum of realism in terms of the location I don't know if it would happen, especially not in BFV given they are generally keeping it WW2-specific.
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