Let's play a game, called Dice logic.



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    HuwJarz said:
    dcs500 wrote: »
    Taking all the mistakes made in the previous game, then copy and paste them into the new one.

    I disagree. There were lots of things in BF1 that were good, and thrown away. Like class balance.

    You mean Team Balance? Or is this different? Cause there is no team balancing whatsoever. Numbers can be completely screwed and there is no autobalance like in BF1. One team is outnumbered 2 to 1 (ratio)   Still after nearly 6 months since release. A pure travesty. 
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    My comments are being censored, so it pretty much doenst matter what I post on here as long as mods dont get offended by it...
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    In all honesty can anyone point out a really solid addition that came with BFV over BF1 or BF4? I was thinking about this as I watched some game play of BF4 and I cannot think of a single thing in BFV that I would say makes it better. Lots of stuff makes it worse though.

    Isn't the point of new editions to expand the game and improve it!?
    I was almost going to say that I've been going back to BF1 a lot lately and can't think of a single thing that makes me go "Oh, I prefer how BFV does it" but lots of instances where BFV is just clearly less fun, balanced, and functional.  BUT... I finally came up with one after all.  There's less grenade spam is BFV.  Fewer and less effective grenades was a nice change.  Sadly that's about it tho.

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