Redesigning Looting System and Upgrading Servers

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We all know the Battlefield 5(Firestorm) looting system has complications and that for mostly this reason and among other reasons people are beginning to lose interest in battlefield 5(Firestorm) or Battlefield 5 altogether. As we all know, Battlefield 5(Firestorm) is a battle royale gamemode.... Although battle royale has been popular for some time, it is hard enough for a game like battlefield to create a battle royale gamemode with the same functions/aspects the multiplayer has. Not to mention that the game has only been out for a week maybe 2. I'm sure the creators of this gamemode worked very hard to create this gamemode with all the functions/aspects of multiplayer Battlefield 5. I'm not saying that the community is wrong in that the looting system needs to be fixed but im sure they were worried about many other, more serious faults the gamemode had in the beginning.
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