Quality of life tracker???

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Has anyone looks at the most recent one?Most of the issues it shows are extremely old and there are a ton of new bugs glitches and balance issues that have not even been mentioned.It also says ....
  • Identify Issues – Pulling from all sources to determine all outstanding game issues, including and not limited to social channels, customer support teams, direct from the community, in-game data, internal bug trackers, community-maintained bug trackers, etc.
  • Define Severity – Determine severity of each issue based on the number of players affected and the impact to systems (economy, retention, game experience, etc.).Not one of the issues that are being spoken about over and over again every day is even mentioned in this such as minecraft looking trees black boxes flicker and floating accross that map on maps like hamada footstep and tank audio still completely broken,no level cap increase planes have been nerf to oblivion fight planes slower thank some of the bomber planes.God awful screen shake on the fighter planes and bombers like the ju88 main cannon shaking like crazy in cockpit view.And the list goes on.It is extremely evident now that these devs have not got the slightest idea what they are doing or what the community wants.
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