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  • SheeperFl
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    :'(   to be very, very clear to EA....

    I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER spend real money to buy battle coins.  I've been a BF player from the very start of the franchise.  The bcoins things really just cheapens the game play.  There are other things to spend more money on. BFV is not one of them
  • DaMutha1
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    If I felt I had been given a fair deal on my Deluxe purchase, I'd consider spending a little more for an elite skin that I might like.   As it stands now, I feel ripped off and feel like I'd be an enabling fool if I spent more.
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  • King_Of_Twang
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    This is really disappointing.

    As an older, casual player, the state of the game (TTD/TTK problems, content or lack thereof, nerfing/buffing, etc) doesn't really bother me that much, other than annoying hangs during lobby or end-of-round screens. I don't play enough to notice these issues, and I know that I'm very much in the minority in this respect.  I get that, and have respect for the people who are seriously affected by these problems. I have my fun with it for a couple hours a week, have a great time, and go do other stuff, and not really concerned about my statistics in-game. I monitor this forum when I'm taking a break from work and I'm familiar with the ongoing issues with title. It bears mentioning that I'm on the XBOX platform, so I can only discuss the goings on with the XBOX version.

    Even with all these inconveniences and even though I paid "full pop" when I pre-ordered this title, I'm really disappointed and feel a little bit cheated with the premium vs grind currency state of affairs. It's unfair that I have no player choice on how to acquire the cosmetic items in this title. I don't think I've ever had that experience in any BF title, and I've stuck with the franchise since BFBCo, except for Hardline. I don't feel great about spending money on things that I can't see during gameplay, and does not provide a change in gameplay experience, such as new weapons, etc. In addition, the price that they have set of real-world money for these things is a slap in the face. $10-$15 for legendary items? Really? To put it in perspective, if a person works a minimum wage job, that is ONE TO TWO hours of real world work to acquire these things. There are more pressing matters to spend money on for most people other than BF5.

    It's just a game. I'm not saying that the developers have no right to charge money for these things, but it would be nice if a player could have fair choice in how their gaming dollar is spent . If one has money and can afford instant gratification, buy the items. If the player doesn't have money, but does have time and some skill with the game, one should be able to grind away to earn them. I don't have a burning desire to own these specialty things, but that's part of the fun and gameplay experience, isn't it? It'd be nice if it was possible. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

    I guess the part that's really bumming me out is that as a casual gamer, and since BF5 is the only title I play, it's really pushing me away from gaming altogether, as this move feels a little greedy and abusive. I know that this comment is just a mere blip on the radar, but I guess I just wanted to present maybe a different perspective on the matter, as insignificant as it is in the grand scheme of things.

    Thanks for reading.
  • llMazoRll
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    Deluxe edition = a punch on your face, thank dice we paid it was only 5 days early to play the game and its worth ? not for me , expected more, Deluxe edition for me is the true fans of the franchise and we receive nothing besides the greens rarity skins

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