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To all you hackers out there. Are you scared to play MOH Warfighter or BF4 with normal settings? Are you that horrible at the game(s) that you have to cheat to make yourself feel better? Honestly, it makes playing these games no fun. It ruins it for the people who love these games and play it in a respectful honest way. Hackers/hacking is a huge reason why myself and a large amount of my friends do not play these games anymore. For example, If it takes you one shot to kill me, but everyone else has to take a few shots to kill anyone else......you're cheating. Dont kid yourself. If you go multiple rounds without dying, with 25+ kills or if I shoot you in the face point blank with a shotgun and you dont die, then kill me with a one shot to the chest or foot.... you're cheating. We arent stupid. We know what you're doing. So again, please, take off the mods. Put on your big boy pants, learn how to accept defeat and play the game like everyone else does.


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    This is bait and is being closed. There are many explainable reasons for the experiences that you describe such as latency and out of region players being present in older games such as MoHW and BF4.
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