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Your longest headshot



  • BeastofBourbon84
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    Amonsul wrote: »
    Mine is 473 with sniper. Not sure which. I thought mine was pretty good until you go to BF Stats on battlefield tracker. They have the leading headshot at 1,503.00? How in the world does that happen without cheats?

    Most likely 2 buddies on each end of hamada....

    Mine is only 249m (k98)
  • FragbaitDax
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    My experience on long maps is you can spot an enemy with the spotting scope, but once you're beyond about 300m you can no longer see the spotting triangle on the player, even when ADS on your 6 x scope. My long range 400m plus shots were all carried out against stationary players and I used the environment for cues on where to shoot.

    So through the scope I can spot the player on Aerodrome hiding between the tall rock and the shorter rock. ADS, look for the rocks and aim between them. Fire, watch the fall of shot still in ADS to see if I need to aim higher or lower. Repeat until fellow sniper buddy gets pinged in the head.

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