Stuttering in Battlefield 5

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I have a big trouble in my game, i have i7-8700k, gtx 1080, 16 gb ram 2700 hrz. This config must bring me a stable gaming without any delays at high or ultra settings, with 100 fps in average. But with my game something wrong.  I playing in normal Europe servers with 30 ping maximum, i have 5-7 m/s in average. But i've noticed , that no matter which video settings i set , i have a micro stuttering which reduce my skill and gaming at all. I trying to struggle with it, always changing video settings, whenever i changing something this micro stuttering is disappearing for a 2-3 minutes, then again appear. Again, If i want to get rid of it i must change something in video settings , i changing frame limiter from 200 to 144, then i get stable game for 1-2 minutes again. THEN again this micro stuttering disturbing me, then again i must change something back (144 to 200 for instance or change video quality)... I tried all thing's , i always clean my pc with Ccleaner ... I noticed that this is not because of my pc config, because this micro stuttering appear even at the LOW video settings...  So this is not the gaming , it is struggle with ghost spam... This stuttering could be at LOW , medium, high, or ultra settings, no matter which you will set, after whenever you set it you would get a clean game 1-2-3 minutes, but after this time this spam again busted you.
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