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Is DICEs obsession with these meatgrinder modes killing BF?



  • bran1986
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    Grind is probably the most fun I have had in BFV, not going to lie. A game mode where smgs actually feel like they belong and I feel the maps were well done to fit into this game mode. I hope it comes back permanently.
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    Well, thank you for the responses, and just a synopsis in answering some of these replies, the whole game is a meat grinder. My point is, there are no modes being out to get away from it, but in fact make it much worse, given BF enthusiasts no way to get away from it, and stuck with COD like play. COD like play, with 20 second respawn that is. And i shouldn't really say that, given COD even has a slower ttk than this.

    The game is simply unplayable, and/or unenjoyable.

    I certainly feel that is frustrating many off the game, and a reason these modes are dying quick, and not very popular. If you look at the server browsers (yes, with the proper settings), you can see that. So, folks aren't digging the new modes, at least compared to the least meatgrinder, Conquest . Folks on you tube were making a hay about the other meatgrinder they made of Panzerstorm in the new GO, and how much they loved it. That too, died a quick death. So much for their opinions.

    And so, i think it would be a wise idea, that DICE realizes maybe a change of tact is warranted, being "Garden Warfare" on Xbox One accordingst to the store last i checked, has more players than those playing this. Given the arguments being made, if you don't like the modes, don't play them. Well, i don't play ANY of the modes, and in fact do not play the game at all anymore. I tried it today after a month.

    But i'd like to play it.

    And just like if folks don't like these modes, they don't have to play a 32 player Conquest mode either. But it's worth for DICE to try, being everything else has seemed to flunk, including their ill fated Battle Royale.

    This is BF fellas, not Pubg, or Apex, COD, Squad or Operation Metro. I think many want our BF back, after two and a half years of failure.
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