Commando is the weirdest gun I've used

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I agree that the gun is underpowered, but its SOOOO satisfying to get kills with. It makes no sense. Sometimes it feels like a peashooter, other times I get headshots for days. It needs a buff sure, but something about it right now makes it fun to use when it works.

Anyone else feel indifferent about the gun?


  • JPhysics
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    Its a nice gun, a change from the smg's at the very least.  Better off once you have a full specialisation tree for it.  It feels under powered at first, but its a 2 shot kill at close range (beyond that it feels like a bb gun) and head shots are so satisfying ... which brings be to my next point, its a bit of a skill cannon so its need to be in the right hands to make any impact.
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