Cheaters/hackers in nearly every match [Conquest]

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There has been some time since i have played Battlefield, I did not play it for 4 ish months. Wiped the dust off, installed it and wanted to try it again after several patches and added content.

And now there is cheaters/hackers in nearly every multiplayer matched that i have played so far. People with over 50 kills and 2-3 deaths, Instantly headshotting everything that comes within lethal range.

I know there is cheaters/hackers in all multiplayer games, but now i have faced the same hackers 2-3 days in a row, Why are they not getting caught and banned? 

So many fun new assignments to do, but its close to impossible to finish some of them because i get killed to much, and several of my deaths are in the hands of hackers, Hackers playing recon class, taking headshots from uncap and across the map with rifles, even on people driving cars and quads.

As i already said, its always cheaters/hackers in all games, Its just so much more and frequent now than before. It takes 1 guy to ruin the fun for 32 other players, and they get to keep doing it for several days. even when i know at least 4 people ( my squad,irl friends) have reported him, and several other players are also saying they are reporting, still i see this hacker the next day... 

If there is something important you need to focus much harder on, it is to get ridd of hackers faster, it ruins the game for not only 1, but for potentially 32 players. I cant even imagine how it is to face these guys in Firestorm...

Its just sad that i choose not to play a game i really enjoy because of the people selecting to use cheats/hacks.

If anyone who reads this has the ability to forward this higher up the chain in EA/DICE, Pleas do so, I have thousands of hours combined in all your Battlefield games, But this really is an issue now. 
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