Downtown 24/7 and hotwire 24/7

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I got two 24/7 servers on xbox one.
The first one is:
Downtowm 24/7 full tickets and time, 125% bulletdamage, 75% health amd fastes respawn on vehicals.
The second one is:
full time, 125% bulletdamage, 75% health and fastes respawn on vehicals.

The downtown server is almost full everyday but now I´m looking for players who like to play Hotwire.... so if you are that guy/girl who like hotwire you should check it out.

Let us create the perfect Hotwire server together, tell me how you like to have it, which maps and settings.
sorry to have to say that this only applies to the standard maps, because people don´t want to spend money on an old game.

well check it out and enjoy 

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