Bandage / throw lure bug

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My self heal button is C by default on PC. When my character spawns, the first time i tap C, my character jerks backward and almost comes to a complete stop. It only does it the first time I interact with that button. If I clear out the use bandage key so that it's not bound to any key, it doesn't happen anymore. I have also tried to disable , or hide the inventory hud, because the first time I tap C, I can see it do something in my inventory hud. However, it's not the hud. This is a problem with the game. As soon as I re-bind the self heal button, every single time I tap it (for the first time) my character jerks backward. This is causing me an enormous amount of grief because I have to remember to tap C every time I spawn. If I don't, my character is going to jerk backward the first time I attempt to heal, which slows me down, which gets me killed. It doesn't matter which key I bind to self heal, it does it no matter what. I have tried to use different buttons , and they all do the same thing. This is a bug with the game. I have recorded a video if anybody wants to see it. Though, I doubt anybody would think I'm making this up. I have tried sending in bug reports to the EA forum and I don't think they're posting. I don't want to keep sending in the same bug report if it takes days to show up on the forum.

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    Although I haven't experienced this personally, I have to say that this was explained well and makes a few points that are quite valid. Hope your issue gets resolved.
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