Battlefield Hardline DLC FREE

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Hello people,once you are here means we want the same thing from EA and DICE,to have all DLC free for Battlefield Hardline.In the past someone from EA Help told me that more noise i do about it,more attention it gets from developers.So ,hardline lovers ,i call you all to support me in this proposal to EA to let DLC maps be free for everyone.Imagine we have all that good maps in standard rotation map in-game. I am a very active player and i even have a platoon.I am a veteran battlefield franchise player and own all bf games ,but i think we all deserve this from EA. I am PS4 platform.


  • BangBoomPow98
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    It would be nice but after all these years and they haven't done it they won't which sucks cause bfh has some of the funniest maps on DLC and they're all empty how sad truly one of my favorite games and I still play it on my Xbox one s,x
  • shankmang95
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    Actually I have claimed the BF Hardline dlcs during that BF1 period but it shows me that I don't own it. Support told me that I have to buy Ultinate Edition 🤬. Everytime there is a sale, it's always the standard edition gets discounted and not ultimate edition.
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