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Death bug since update

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I haven't seen a single thread about this, yet, everybody in the servers knows what it is. There's a bug that prevents you from respawning, redeploying, or dying. You just lay there helpless until somebody revives you , or until you leave the server and re-join. It's happening to everybody. It's amazing because I knew something was going to be broken after the patch. I have never seen a Battlefield patch get released without breaking more than it fixes, at least initially. This is one of the worst bugs I've seen, because it basically breaks your game until you re join a server. Every time this happens to me , I just stop playing the game because it's that annoying. I don't even want to play when bugs are that much of an inconvenience. I can spend 20 minutes working my butt off in a server, get this bug, re-join the server and end up on the other team. It's like wtf. There's no point in playing the game now. Let me guess, this will be "fixed" in some patch a month from now?


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