Enough of cheating

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I never post anything on any forum, but tha's enough, I don't know if you're trying to do something against hackers and cheaters, but there is alot of people who can see throu walls and obtacles, or using aimbot, are invulnerable, etc.  this is so sad because there killing litterally your great game.  Just by playing a round, I can know if something's wrong, if somebody is cheating somewhere in the game.  I am 50, I played all Battlefield games since 1942, but this is the end for me, it's not cool and not fun at all to play with cheaters.  Nothing is more important in a network game, so stop trying to do anything else and just stop cheating like other actual games is trying to do.  Ban cheaters forever , is it to much complicate to do that ? Create a team just working for that 24 hours a day (like Fortnite).  Also, thank you very much for the high price of the game on the first days, and cutting it by half a few week later, all this without a single new maps for months !  Somebody in your company is not taking the right choice, it's obvious, the best graphics cannot do anything, you must also respect the player.


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    same thing. So love bf, but cheaters ruined it
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    cheaters don’t get kicked from servers, but I can assure you that this thread will be closed.
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    Your thread will be closed and you will be directed to post into a 350 page "cheating" post that no one reads and no developer ever replies there, with the explanation that it is done to keep the clutter to minimum and reduce number of multiple posts on the same subject. At the same time there are posts on various identical topics posted every day that no one seems to police. When it comes to talking about cheating, they are super sensitive...

    In any case, before the post is locked, I'd like to chime in with the same sentiment. There are thousands upon thousands of players cheating in Battlefield. I've gone and looked at the cheating forums - hundreds of thousands of posts, screenshots, videos. They even have competitions such as "get 1 million points in 1 match" or get "100/0 KD in a match". They're very braggy about what they do. And most agree that there is no danger of using the cheats, especially the subtle ones. It has come to the point where it feels like using cheats is the only way to actually enjoy the game. It is driving me nuts and out of all the bad things about BF, cheating is number 1 on my list that is driving me away from the game.
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    Yeah, I gave a similar heads-up a few weeks ago, that a cheating topic post would be closed, and refered to the mega-thread. It duly was, and I was quoted, and told it was “logic 101” not to have duplicates.

    Funny have selective that logic is applied. Taken to its logic conclusion, this forum could make do with 20-25 mega-threads, covering most topics. There isn’t.

    Perhaps if the mega-thread had some response it would make sense. As is, it’s just a pacifier given to frustrated pc players. 
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    I'm buying a PlayStation 5 when it comes out due to all the cheating I've experienced in Battlefield games on PC. I hope PlayStation 5 has native mouse and keyboard support for Battlefield.
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