Battlefield losing its identity?

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"Has Battlefield Lost its Identity?" was the title of "JackFrags" latest upload. LevelCapGaming , on the same day, also uploads a video talking about the differences between 1 and 5.  Just for reference, the only reason I'm using names is because I'm discussing public figures. Those are well known YouTubers. The reason I wanted to comment on this is because there must be some agenda. There must be a reason why these guys all stay on message, and are basically talking about the same topics, at the same time. My guess is, DICE are trying to figure out what the community want, and don't really know what to do. They get almost 50% bad feedback from everything they implement, and probably don't know why. I know what's happened to this franchise because I've been around since the 90s. A lot of discussion about "vehicles" or "teamwork" or even map style is typically at the forefront of these conversations. This is all wrong. No offense to the YouTuber's who cover these topics.  The last time I remember robust teamwork in Battlefield , was BF2. It started slipping away in 3, and definitely 4, and by 1 it was completely gone. Now some people like to attribute this to the interests of "modern gamer's". Again, I disagree. I've spent a lot of time asking players about this, and having conversations with members of fairly large of Battlefield communities. There's one thing that sticks out more than everything else. Folks who play Battlefield now , don't even agree on what the objective of the game is. Some of them don't even believe winning is important anymore and are confused why you're trying to win. The other half of the veteran community are very confused and dumbfounded by this, and are extremely frustrated with the way newer players approach the game. Well what the hell is going on? Easy. The developers have been introducing distractions into the games after BF2. When I play a typical match in conquest, a lot of the players are very open and candid about what they're doing. They don't care about the game mode or the objectives a lot of the time. They are interested in assignments, unlocks, weapon skins, tides of war missions, specializations, perks etc. The newer players believe those "assignments and missions" are what Battlefield is. They are just doing the assignments as they show up. They don't realize that's a new format. The older members are less interested in the assignments, and are far more interested in the game mode. This is where the division comes from. This is why half of the players want one thing, and the other half want another. The developers have confused everybody with these distractions. They're just busy work. They're meaningless and are confusing all of the new players. When the players don't even agree on the point of the game, you know you've messed up somewhere.
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