I am really disappointed with the environment of Battlefield 4 Asia.

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No matter which one series, In Asia, cheating players from China are always a problem.

But only BF4 can minimize the existence of cheating players, But because of DDoS attacks from China, Almost destroyed everything.

But we can never get the help of EA. (The same situation also occurs in the US server.)

Can we only continue to endure it? :/

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    Fighting a losing battle I'm afraid, cheaters are the best customers of EA/DICE

    They buy an account, get banned, then buy another one and they do this all the time keeping the coins coming in.

    Why fix an issue that makes them money, EA do NOT actually care about making good games, they care about sales only.
  • Marten2018
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    This is what is happening in Asia.

    You can see many cheaters from China regardless of the server location in your server in Asia every day.

    But because there is no battle report, You never know if this cheater will be punished.

    You can also see the only BF4 that can minimize cheating players, and reduce players online every day.

    For the server owner wants to play DLC map, You can also get to know Asia clearly, only some standard players are left.

    This is the result of Battlelog, Just because of two code, It makes me feel very sad. :(

  • Marten2018
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    Today, my server was originally the first full-slot server in Asia, but just now my server was again attacked by DDoS.

    China criminals are also directly attacked by my server based on IP address and port, It’s very unfair for me to get up 3 accounts every day at 8 am and I’m trying to get Asia players to join my server.

    EA must solve this problem!

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