What BFI has right and how to improve BFV



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    I see what you're saying about how to get recon players into the action but I think any reintroduction of some kind of easy OHK mechanic for them in bfv would take me over the edge and just play bf1.

    Remember one way to combat the sweet spotters was suppression. Especially as a support and even more if you had the suppression perks equipped. We all know in bfv there is no suppression that can be used (or some say abused) to combat the Body-Shot Heroes of BF1. I think it would lead to a very frustrating meta to suddenly have a lot more recon players around purely because of a 1 shot body shot mechanic.

    And @ArchAngeL_777. I totally agree. The series needs to feel more game-like, if that's what you're saying. I dislike the animations a lot. The killcam isn't there just to tell you how you died so you understand, it's a taunt I could do without. I'd be happy with just a still screen telling me who killed me And how. And I almost never melee anyone anymore because I'm worried about getting killed mid-animation.

    The first time I got melee'd in bf1 I almost found it actually upsetting; the grusomeness of it far exceeded the normal violence of of the game's gunplay and I wasn't ready for it. I got over it after 2 seconds, but I still don't see why that's the direction the game should go. The less a game feels like a "game" the more the frustration mounts for me. Just my 2cents
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