Battlefield V Chapter 3 Update #4 Availability Schedule

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Hello Battlefield V players,

On Thursday, May 23rd, 2019, we'll be rolling out the Battlefield V Chapter 3 Update #4 for all platforms and regions. 
As this is a zero-downtime update, you will need to log out of the game when the update is available for your platform to download it and update your client. Schedule is as follows:

  • PC: We'll be rolling out the PC Update starting at 0800 UTC / 1AM PDT / 0900 BST / 6PM AEST
  • PS4: We'll be rolling out the PS4 Update starting at 0900 UTC / 2AM PDT / 1000 BST / 7PM AEST
  • Xbox One: We'll be rolling out the PC Update starting at 1000 UTC / 3AM PDT / 1100 BST / 8PM AEST

As this update coincides with the start of a new Tides of War Chapter Storyline, we'll be starting the May 23rd Storyline 2 hours after the Update completes.
  • ToW Chapter 3 Week 9 Storyline will start at 1200 UTC / 5 AM PDT / 1300 BST / 10PM AEST. 
We will also be releasing our Chapter Tier Catch Ups, which will be available for purchase starting at 1300 UTC / 6 AM PDT / 1400 BST / 11PM AEST. 

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

The Battlefield Team
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