[PC][NA][BFV][25+] BF veterans looking to fill squad

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Origin IDs: ActofDuty, dox_cc, Vengeance121, xShepex

Website: https://crackclan.com

Discord: https://crackclan.com/discord

  • No need to join clan: we’re just seeking a few more reliable squad mates!

  • Modes we prefer: Conquest, but also play Rush and Firestorm

  • About us: We’re career/family-oriented gamers, play on a schedule, we’re over 25 years old, we’ve played every single Battlefield (and a ton of other games too)

  • Our experience: We’ve played amateur, semi-pro and pro!  Now we’re just looking to have a good time by playing the flippin’ objective and enjoying the benefits of playing with non-randoms

  • Environment: No rage, no drama, not try-hard, not derpy, just in between: we call it “putting on a pair of try pants” - good comms, great teamwork

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