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Please remove the [Server Browser] page from the Battlelog and [Join Server] button.

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Based on observations over 3 years, You should know that the behavior of launching bf4.exe from the Battlelog through Origin and [join server] should be at least in Asia and the US should be a failure.

Because we can never stop DDoS and Queue-Bots attacks, The players in these two regions are also reducing a lot every day, The server owner’s money is also seriously damaged, I can't understand why you want to keep this feature?

My server just has full slots, Will often be launched DDoS attacks, And no player joins my server for any round all day, My server provider is also unable to provide any help, This is very unfair to me.

Because there are many servers that have the same situation, Do you think that our money should be lost for this?

My physical condition is already very bad, I just want to enjoy the game happily and reduce the pain of the body, But because of such simple things, I was boringly attacked by China criminals, and my money continued to suffer losses.

Do you think that other Asia country are under the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China?

Do you think it is necessary to keep this feature?

Server cost: € 64.80 (per month)

Can we only endure this unreasonable situation?

Please tell me!


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    Now Asia, Japan, Hong Kong Server locations are all attacked by DDoS, We require that the [join server] code be closed immediately.

    Because only then can we hide the server's IP address and PORT information, Otherwise we just waste more money costs, Remember that the BF4 server is not free.

    We cannot accept such a loss of money, Please help us!

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    Today my server was attacked more than three times by DDoS.

    We need you immediately to delete the [Join Server] button, Because Asia servers can no longer continue to undertake such large-scale attacks.

    We demand that such an attack should stop immediately, Only because these attackers just know how to use the browser [view source code] function, find the server's IP address and port, I don't think these attackers have the same IP address as you said before.

    Please help us!

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