Rank system questions

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Can somebody please explain the purpose of the ranking system to me? When I played Battlefield 1, I don't believe I was credited for the hours, or "points" I had accumulated after I hit the level cap. So if I were to spend 200 hours playing the game capped at rank 100, and DICE would raise the level cap to 110 with a patch, the last 200 hours I spent playing the game stuck at rank 100 didn't actually count for anything. I know this happened to me every time I hit the cap before the DLC updates. My rank would only begin to increase after they raised the cap. In other words, if there are people who have spent 500+ hours stuck at rank 50 in BFV, what is the point of the ranking system if those players can only begin to progress to rank 51 once they raise the cap? With this model, there can be players with twice the rank, who have played the game half as much. It would just depend on whether or not there was an available rank to progress forward to while you were actually playing. If you stop playing the game as soon as you hit max rank, you can progress through the ranks more efficiently. This is of course if the ranks are supposed to actually mean something. And if they don't mean anything, why are they even in the game?
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