Xbox BFV Milsim Recruitment - Give it a shot you might fall in love with it!

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Have you ever wanted a actual real tactical experience in your Battlefield games? Have you always been looking for a team to take you in as a grunt and turn you into a leader? Well 2MID is the absolute place for you! We are a dedicated active Milsim excited for the recent announcement of private servers coming out the whole entire Milsim community is jumping back on the BFV bandwagon and things are ramping up in the community! 

You might be wondering what exactly is a Milsim, well it’s certainly one of the best experiences you can ever have if you’re looking for realistic group. For example you will be put through a small BCT teaching you the dos and don’ts of Milsim And then put onto the frontlines of our unit As we fight against other units for glory in realistic fashion, using both the same weapons and tactics as the unit that we represent did! 

Now if this sounds like something that you were absolutely in to then join our Discord! and I will get you right in with a BCT! See you on the Battlefield! 
Discord link:
- Kommandant Out
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