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Why is there no airport, landing strips, choppers, ships. This has to be one of the worst battlefield developments ever.  Battlefield 1942 is way more complete in its bata then this game. Battle of midway, Why has EA/Dice left it player community with such a mess. 


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    I wouldn't be surprised if DICE move away from vehicles completely, as the current implementation is probably more harmful than it is enjoyable. The vehicles systems have to be balanced , but also fun to use. In BF2 the landing strips were basically used as spawns. I believe the reason the landing strips were taken away was because players were parachuting down to enemy spawn locations, stealing their vehicles, and landing them in friendly zones , preventing more enemy vehicles from spawning. Now the vehicles spawn in the air, or on the ground in zones that are off limits to enemies. It would seem like BFV is less complete in this regard, but it actually works better this way. I am torn on vehicles in Battlefield in general though. On one hand I want to see the epic 64 player wars taking place with planes, tanks, boats, armored vehicles, infantry etc. On the other hand, this seems to be quite unrealistic when games play out in public servers. If your team has an experienced tanker or pilot, and the enemy team don't, it can very well dictate the game. I have seen this dozens of times, and been on both sides of it. The only remedy for this is to nerf the vehicles. However, then the vehicles aren't fun to use. It's my opinion the vast majority of these problems stem from the distractions that are put into the game. Assignments, upgrades, Tides of War, skins, specializations, weapon unlocks etc. Players are often times focused on these daily assignments and missions, and are significantly less concerned with the game mode. I truly believe those in game distractions are the root cause for the vast majority of the problems in this game. If half of a team are in sense "playing a different game", then you're going to have a never ending list of issues that seem impossible to resolve. Every time they add things to the game, they get almost 50% bad feedback. Half of the community believe Battlefield is nothing more than a series of assignments, missions, and cool upgrades, while the veteran players are still trying to play the game modes. They've created two separate Battlefield players in an attempt to make the game last longer with grindy daily assignments that are supposed to prevent you from getting bored. These distractions are going to dissolve the franchise regardless of whether or not there's an air strip to land your JU-88 on. Some of the maps do have landing strips, but they are often times camped by players with sticky dynamite waiting for planes to spawn so they can throw a sticky on the wing and explode it while he's in the air.
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