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Where is manual leaning? And why the constant need to.....

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Supposedly implemented, but not in the control menu, nor is it usable as R3 because in ADS it automatically uses my melee. Why the constant need to continue nerfing everything? Just why? Why not mak eup your minds. Maybe the next battlefield just transfer all of the code over. I get DICE doesn't give two gosh darn craps about gameplay or the community, but can they not agree to just make it easy on themselves and stop messing with everything and ruining the game for everyone? Get your heads out of your butts. (hateful content against the ToS and forum rules removed by moderator) Sigh.
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    I use a xim so have assigned myself another button for melee keeping the down swipe on the mouse scroll as well.
    I can now lean when I want to but you go ads press the melee button then left o or right key and it leans but it doesn't unlean it just stays leant over until you un ads.
    I was hoping I could have a quick peek then bring my v head back into cover.
    It also doesn't lean very much at all not sure if it's even worth doing?
    could do with a video Maybe from a Youtuber showing any advantages to the lean can other people see you are leaning?
    does it decrease your hit box?
    I never see any other players sliding yet I do it constantly not sure if they can tell?
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