Squad dissolved after victory?

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I'm playing on PS4 and usually when the squad leader leaves I'm getting a notification and can join. So when I'm in a good squad I manage to stay until I quit. However when winning a round and pressing continue after the stats screen I'm not part of a squad anymore. There was no message of being kicked and this happened 4 times now. Am I missing something? 


  • llMotleyll
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    If your squad is killed mid round and you're given the option to "quit with squad" you'll remain with them until you leave or are kicked. 
    If you make it to the end of the round, being either the winning squad or eliminated late enough to see the last squad win, you're not given the option and are removed from the squad unless you are friends with a member of the squad. 
    I assume this is some automated function perhaps to make it easier for people's friends to join them between rounds, but it can be annoying when you have a good thing going. 
  • Kongo030
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    Thanks that explains.....yeah really bad since I'm always playing with randoms and after finally finding a good squad and winning one is starting from zero.
  • Colonel_Kilgore1
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    Breaking up the squad automatically at the end of the round is frustrating.  Again another quick fix win here for Dice.  Simplely give teams at the end the option to quit with squads.  Sometimes it seems like they are using interns new to the field over there.
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