Anti-Cheat efforts

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Since Braddock512 posted this on June 2nd and stated in the newest anti-cheat effort post:

"We appreciate the feedback from the community and ask you to continue to properly report any suspicious players you encounter."

So, I'm curious why many of the posts regarding cheating in game are being locked?  He didn't say "we don't want feed back" he said "We appreciate the feedback from the community".  

I want to share my feedback.  I took a couple months break and returned to find not a whole lot has changed.  Hackers in each game I played over several nights.  I don't see any improvement.

Braddock512 also said the anti-cheat team would be working over the summer to make additional anti-cheat improvements.

My feedback is - this should have been the number one priority from launch.  My additional feedback is that whoever is at the wheel driving this thing should be replaced with someone that plays the game and experiences what the rest of us players without cheats have been going through.  I'm pretty certain the cheating would have been addressed much sooner.

Now that is my feedback and if this post is locked or deleted it's because there are others here that don't really want honest feedback.


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