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I wish to say .....

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That I really try my best in this game, on that you have my word, the word pariah comes to mind when trying to find a squad, I only have one decent ear, my left, so picking up sound in the game is hard but I am trying to adapt, I also have Diabetes so every morning my eyesore is all ducked up, but I love playing the game ......... a few other things, If a squad mate opens a wooden box and I am there with he or her I back off and give them first pick, the same with safes, but sometimes when I do a box or safe my squad mates swoop in like a vulture on a corpse, I am lucky if I get left a lowly shot gun, why is that?


  • Carbonic
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    Hi @Vuzzmetal1961 - I've moved the thread to the Firestorm section as the thread didn't seem to belong in the Battlefield 4 section.
    As for your squad mates and how they behave I can't really answer that one, you probably need a professor on human psychology to answer that one properly :p
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    Three reads of your thread produced this : 
    * I wouldn't capitalize 'that' word - a small 'd' would suffice , but that's just me  :innocent:
    * I'd wear headphones set at high volume but keep them askew of my good ear and firmly on the bad one (someone I know keeps both speakers on their same 'bad' side due to a similar condition)
    * As hard as it may be to do , I'd delay the much-loved morning ritual until that other detested morning ritual subsides .
    * If THEY opened something and YOU stepped back , you're just being polite but to them they might also be thinking that you're on the job of covering them so they can shop safely .
    If YOU opened something and THEY swooped in as you say , they may have just been covering you in the same way they think you were covering them before .

    This 'swooping in' part though ; causing a fourth read ; is much trickier to explain but in the end probably just boils down to simple human greed , quite difficult to combat actually .
    . . actually , there IS a way to fight it : Spread Your Wings!
    As the guts spill out of whatever corpse you've just chewed open and your vulture buddies get all excited behind you , Be A Vulture , just like them .
    Use your body to block them out - they can't walk through you or scoop what can't be seen .
    Do it just like you've seen on those Nature shows on TV when Momma bird shows up at the nest with food and all the chicks completely forget they have siblings .
    As the Loot appears , be an insane screaming bird  :lol:
    After all , you gotta eat too . 
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    It's funny to hear people over voip being surprised when I drop them a plate after a firefight because they don't have any to replace. It's the squad that wins but many people are on an ego trip. I'm not a great player so I even pass V1s and Arty strikes if I see someone is a top player on my squad.
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